Anton Pedos - artist

I am a Ukrainian artist talking about the tragedy of my nation.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, in a small town in the central part of Ukraine called Zhmerynka. In 2020 graduated from the Ceramic Department of Lviv National Academy of Arts. After I applied to Vilnius Art Academy in Painting Department. Graduated Master of Painting at Vilnius Art Academy (2022).

I combined my study with my career development as an artist. At the time of my study, I had a few exhibitions in Vilnius, Lithuania. My first group show was in 2022 in Vilnius in the gallery "Galera" - "Delivered from Ukraine" where we with a couple of other Ukrainian artists gathered money to support Ukraine.

To support Ukrainian refugees here in Lithuania I participated in an Auction provided by the "Stiprus Kartu" Charity Foundation together with "Vartai Gallery", Vilnius.

My first solo show was in Vilniaus Švč. Mergelės Marijos Ramintojos bažnyčia with a "Project 4470" (2022).

In 2023 started to make exhibitions as an independent artist.

Participated in the Baltic States Young Painters Prize (2022-2023), Vilnius, Lithuania, and went to the finals of the contest with an artwork "The Cost".

Participated in Zabolis Art Prize (2023), Vilnius, Lithuania, and took 2nd place in the contest with an artwork "The Cost".

With Sakharov Democratic Research Center organized a long-term exhibition with artifacts of the Russian-Ukrainian War - "Karo Anatomija. Ukraina."

From 2024 - Member of Ukrainian Youth Group in Lithuania.

The main topic of artistic research is war, technology, and the collective subconscious. I'm looking for signs and symbols from the past, that could tell us the story and draw attention to the topic or important event. The main research point is to understand why we are "like this" in a separate nation. I'm also researching the historical prerequisites of current events, and how our subconscious connects our current life with the past.


2023-2024"KARO ANATOMIJA. UKRAINA. / ANATOMY OF WAR. UKRAINE. Exhibition in Karo Muziejus. Kaunas. Lithuania

2023-"NIEKO NAUJO, VIS DAR KARAS"- Personal exhibition in Savicko Galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Exhibition of all Finalists. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2023- "IS THIS WHAT YOU DREW AS A CHILD?" Interactive Online exhibition with IRGI GALLERY.

2023- "IS THIS WHAT YOU DREW AS A CHILD?" Personal mixed media exhibition in Kreatoriumas Exhibition Space. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022- "YOUNG PAINTER PRIZE Final exhibition" group exhibition in Vilnius Picture Gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022- "IŠSKLAIDYTA PASĄMONĖ“ personal exhibition in Maironio lietuvių literatūros muziejus. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2022-"YELLOW BLUE" international online group show. Online viewing with ARTNET

2022 - "TARP/BETWEEN" VDA Titanikas exposition space. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022 - "Anton Pedos & Daria Antyp magistro expozicija" Galerija "Vartai". Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022 - "Project 4470" personal exhibition in Vilniaus Švč. Mergelės Marijos Ramintojos bažnyčia, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022 - "Delivered from Ukraine", "Gallera" gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2022 - “Stand with Ukraine” Galerija Vartai. Vilnius, Lithuania.