Transformed subconscious

The influence of the collective subconscious on the child is revealed in the block of my works. It is aimed at depicting the symbols, events, and moods of the population of the Soviet Union and its connection with what is happening in my country. Although I am from Ukraine, I am sure these symbols are appropriate for each of the post-Soviet countries of today. This block can also be described as a chronological sequence. Repression, hope for a happy future, resistance, and assimilation. All this - flows into a series of my childhood drawings as a way out of the subconscious. Transformed subconscious child of the post-Soviet space. Mutilated, plundered.

This block "Transformed subconscious" - is the foundation for all my future work. Because this is my subconscious, my true vision of the world, without lying to myself. Although I came to this subconscious through the events of the present and reflections on these events in painting.